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One Earth, One People

One Earth, One People, Peace Vision, Inc. (a non-profit 501.c3 organization) inspires and empowers people to restore honorable and respectful relationships between all living things, through understanding and returning to natural law that all life is sacred and interconnected.  We are dedicated to celebrating spiritual and cultural diversity and inspiring all to embrace life through the living arts.

Elayne Silva-Reyna aka "Laynee Reyna" won a silver medal/second place in the 2003 National Veterans Creative Arts Festival for her portrait of prophet "Medicine Song Woman- Bernice Torrez", Kashaya-Pomo California Indian, and daughter of renowned Shaman Woman, Essie Parrish.

Laynee is founder of One Earth One People Peace Vision, org., 501.c3, Promoting Peace through the Arts.

*photo by Peggy Dean, Gilroy

The Peace Vision of Bluebird Woman
Original Plan of Creator, Life-Giver

One Earth, One People Peace Vision.
We are One People, on One Earth
All life is sacred. The earth is sacred.
We must cherish and protect Mother
Earth, Father Sky, and Sacred Waters.
The Generations of Humankind from the
Four Directions must live in harmony and in
Balance with each other and all living things.
We are all related. We respect and honor the
Sacredness of all Life, and all Creation, so
Seven Generations from each Generation,
The Unborn Future Generations, will live.
Seven eagle feathers represent future
Generations and sacred ceremonies.
They carry our prayers to Creator.
We pray that Mother Earth and
All Her children will live.
It is one prayer: PEACE.
Mitakuye Oyasin, Mundu Wigo, Tantay, Yahete

~ ©1986 Elayne "Bluebird Woman" Reyna

Photo by James Chase


Upcoming Events

Mission Statement

A living prayer for global reconciliation, friendship and promoting peace through the living arts.

Upcoming Events

May 4 & May 5, 201935th Annual California Indian Market, Peace Pow Wow, and Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Native American artists, dancers, drummers, and singers from North and South America and multicultural vendors will be in San Juan Bautista.  More....

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Song of Bluebird Woman

Bluebird Woman Comes Dancing, bringing her basket filled with medicinal herbs, feast and flowers.

Bluebird Woman Comes Singing, bringing gifts of joy, love, and laughter, and the sweet song of Spring.

Come, Bluebird Woman. Come and dance and sing up the Dawn. Sing your song of happiness with me.

c. La Reyna

Copyright 2004 Elayne Reyna

All content and images Copyright Elayne Reyna & One Earth, One People Peace Vision, Inc.

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